The management committee is responsible for strategy and the governance of the Association.

The management committee consists of up to eight members who will be elected for a term of one year. Management committee members should have the skills, networks and willingness to oversee the growth of Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association.

Looking forward to another exciting year in the Gunduwa Region!!

  • Luke Bayley, Chair – Bush Heritage Australia
  • Richard McLellan, Deputy Chair – Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC)
  • Melissa Farrelly, Treasurer – Australian Wildlife Conservancy
  • Steven Churchill- Mount Gibson Mining
  • Jess Sackman – Mount Gibson Mining
  • Ben McLernon  – Extension Hill
  • Gordon McNeill – WA Malleefowl Recovery Group
  • Ashley Bell – Ninghan Station
  • Percy Lawson – Shire of Yalgoo
  • Tamisha Hodder – Shire of Yalgoo
  • Will Hansen, Supernumeracy – Bush Heritage Australia


Management Committee 2017/2018

Management Committee 2018
2017/18 Committee Members
2017/18 Committee Members