Our purpose is to take responsibility for our region and foster collaboration across the landscape.


Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association will work collaboratively to achieve conservation initiatives, whilst developing local employment, productivity and enhancing biodiversity and sustainability across the region.

By 2020, Gunduwa will build regional collaboration and increase investment in conservation and land management at landscape scale – working across properties, sectors, community and ecological systems.

Gunduwa will significantly influence conservation research and practice.

Gunduwa will generate work and broad-based investment opportunities across sectors and work with the community to manage, protect and sustain our natural landscapes more effectively.

Gunduwa will take a big-picture perspective, working with others to develop local employment, encourage creative community engagement and contribute to the productivity of rural and remote communities.


Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association values:

  • natural and cultural heritage
  • creative, productive and practical conservation initiatives
  • a collaborative ‘big picture’ perspective
  • advancing science and research
  • biodiversity conservation
  • sustainability
  • local community.


Gunduwa will:

  • protect biodiversity assets in good health
  • by the end of the century, ensure that echidnas, malleefowl, wildflowers and communities will be thriving in the region
  • manage conservation funds to achieve biodiversity outcomes.


Gunduwa is an incorporated organisation and is managed by a Management Committee, as per Ministerial Statement 753.

The management committee will consist of up to eight members who will be elected for a term of one year. Management committee members will have the skills, networks and willingness to oversee the growth of Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association. The management committee will be responsible for strategy and the governance of the Association.

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Our Partners

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