Project Description

Poor translocation success of E. s. badia highlights the need for improved monitoring and assessment of the species’ fundamental niche parameters.  Currently, there is no understanding of the specific habitat and behavioural requirements of this subspecies.


To investigate their specific habitat and behavioural requirements, in the following stages:

  1. What are the biotic and abiotic requirements for colony existence?

      2. How does colony behaviour influence site establishment and persistence?

      3. How are post-release survival and dispersal affected by pre and post release management?


-Visual identification and metabarcoding of scat and stomach contents to determine diet.

-LiDAR scanning of log complexes to analyse specific characteristics that can predict occupation by E. s. badia.

-Camera trapping and bait experiments to determine severity of predation.


-GPS tracking to determine home range overlap.

-Pitfall and camera trapping to determine colony composition.


-Translocation experiments to determine the importance of soft release and group composition.


Project Details

  • OrganisationCurtin University
  • Year2019
  • Funding$23,000