Project Description

This project supports a PhD Student to undertake research across the Gunduwa region on the ecological values of valley-floor and naturally-saline ecosystems and how they can be more effectively managed and restored. The Gunduwa region is an ideal locality for such research as it divides roughly equally into intact (uncleared) landscapes in the north (where the main threat is fire) and mostly cleared agricultural landscapes in the south (where the main threats are altered hydrology, dryland salinity and erosion).


The main outcomes will incorporate improved knowledge and expertise of the values of the ecosystems and how they can be effectively managed in addition to scientific and layperson publications and the development of a cross-regional toolkit for the guiding of saline land revegetation to maximise biodiversity.

This will include studies of the:

  1. importance of restoration plantings, to flora and fauna
  2. biodiversity values of valley ecosystems
  3. can these areas serve as suitable benchmarks for restoration on saline lands?
  4. key threats and how these can be better managed
  5. insects, birds and small invertebrates of these areas and if they can be used as model species
  6. barriers to restoration use by fauna, including the role of woody debris, logs, rocks etc.




Project Details

  • OrganisationEdith Cowan University
  • Year2021 - 2024
  • Funding$90,000