Project Description

Project Description:

To encourage local youth from the Shires of Morawa, Perenjori & Mt Magnet to more actively engage and benefit from the Blues for the Bush and Charles Darwin Community Open Day, to learn and celebrate our regions natural areas.


Encourage our local youth to partake in capacity and skill building activities and workshops.


The Badimaya Beats project, through a Badimaya elder will teach the youth about the cultural history and ‘land’ they are part of. The project will help preserve this cultural heritage by recording the Badimaya language and sharing this with the wider community. The message will include themes relevant to the youth such as community wellbeing and sense of place.

A photography workshop will capture images of the landscape and people interacting with nature, ecology tours will be available and encouraged for the youth to attend.

A week long Artist in Residence Program at the participating schools, this will include storytelling, hip hop production and Circus Arts and Professional Development and Technical Production Skills, including song writing based on a conservation theme.


Enhanced film making and photography skills

Hiphop music sound recording – with some Badimaya language included in lyrics

Music Composition/Lyrics written by students

Stage Performance

Event props installation and making

Approved knowledge of the indigenous star-gazing

Improved circus performance skills, including hula hoop, poi, acro balance, team building, juggling, clowning

Understanding of the traditional land area of the Badimaya Country

Badimaya culture & some language introduced in schools and used in lyrics

Local champions were recognised and supported

Local talents were recognised, networked and invested in

Annual dialogue has been established which prioritises Cultural & environmental awareness. This has resulted in ‘traditional knowledge’ being shared and vital relationships being seeded which we hope to build in the future.

Project Details

  • OrganisationShire of Perenjori
  • Year2018
  • Funding$10,000.00