Project Description

Project Description:

A regional forum to showcase the Gunduwa Regional Conservation district and bring communities, researchers, land mangers and industry leaders together to share their knowledge and inspire a community in the bush.


To provide an engaging and educative program throughout the Charles Darwin Community Open Day on September 22nd, 2018. Bring together a mix of conservationists, land and resource managers together to share, brainstorm and celebrate biodiversity and associated programs within the region. The project is looking to leverage a unique environmental and community event within the Gunduwa focus area.


Provide ecology tours throughout the day, people are bussed throughout the reserve and guided by ecologist’s researchers and scientist’s who will expose a whole new world of wonders in flora and fauna and the connection with their environment.

The bird walking tours will take you on a path which will open your eyes to the vast array of bird life in existence in the bush.

The Regional Forum with a focus on People and Environment will provide a creative, productive and practical conservation initiative bringing together communities, researchers, land managers and industry leaders who will share their knowledge and inspire a community in the bush.


The Ecology and Bird Tours were very well attended throughout the weekend and overall tour attendance was almost twice that of the 2016 event. On the ecology bus tours there were a total of 285 on the Saturday and 65 on the Sunday. The three bird walking tours attracted over 70 people, a total of 420 participants.

The Gunduwa Forum – People and Environment Program held at the Charles Darwin Community Open Day attracted over 40 people at each of the 6 presentations, a total of over 300 people.

The program began with a poster presentation of the 2017/18 projects which have been supported by Gunduwa Regional Conservation Assoc. The posters provided a vast array of bio-diverse projects which were currently  operating throughout the region, the community members could mingle and enjoy a lovely morning tea and with the Poster presenters, these included:

Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) – Engaging Badimaya Rangers in conservation and land management on country

Yarra Yarra Catchment Management Group & Edith Cowan University (ECU) – Assessing restoration success using reptiles and small mammals

Carbon Neutral – Restoration of ecosystem functions and biodiversity in agricultural landscapes

Murdoch University – Conservation of insectivorous microbats; new approaches to mapping genetics and infectious disease threats in Australia’s global biodiversity hotspot

Conservation Council of Western Australia (CCWA) & Birdlife WA – Building capacity for structured bird monitoring in the Gunduwa Region

Invited Posters – Moore Catchment Council (MCC) & Curtin University by PhD Student Holly Bradley


Project Details

  • OrganisationShire of Perenjori & Bush Heritage Australia
  • Year2018
  • Funding$35,000.00