Project Description

To develop a Healthy Country (HCP) and Strategic Plan (SP).

Healthy Country Plans are a well-established planning tool, used across the world to work with community to identify ecological, social, cultural and economic targets.


To develop a Healthy Country & Business Plan which will include:

  1. Development of a website and newsletter to promote and encourage Badimia caring for country objectives
  2. Support administration and governance assistance to conduct board meeting and on country meetings
  3. Support the Badimia Rangers in some key conservation activity and involvement in the project
  4. Produce a printed plan that will enable Badimia BBAC to assert a forward plan and community celebration in 2022.


  • Selection of a working group to engage with 2 consultants on the Healthy Country Plan (HCP) and Strategic Plan (SP)
  • Meetings with the 2 consultants
  • Workshops to develop the content of the HCP & SP
  • On country workshops to gather cultural information for the HCP & SP
  • Consultation with Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) for Joint Management for the ‘Plan for our Parks’ reserves
  • Development and implementation of the BBBAC Website.

The BBBAC working group met with Paula Deegan (consultant) in September at Charles Darwin Reserve.

1st Workshop – Scope out the vision and values of the Healthy Country Plan, and possible threats to the process.

2nd Workshop – Completed brainstorming and writing of content which was included into the HCP and SP.

The BBBAC working group met with consultant Hamish Morgan to complete the Strategic Plan.

Final drafts were presented to the BBBAC Board on the 20th January 2021.


Project Details

  • OrganisationBadimia Bandi Barna Aboriginal Corporation
  • Year2020-2022
  • Funding$90,000