Building capacity for structured bird monitoring in the Gunduwa region

Project Description

Aim: Refine existing bird monitoring methodologies.


  • Bird monitoring to assess ecological responses to management interventions in the region.
  • Upskilling a shared team of volunteers to conduct regular sampling surveys in support of the various monitoring programs on the conservation stations.
  • Conduct bird monitoring workshops across all tenures where bird monitoring has been selected to assess the outcomes of management interventions.

Tegan Douglas of Birdlife WA has conducted three, one week bush-bird identification and sampling methodology course at Charles Darwin Reserve (CDR) in August, Ninghan Station in September and Thundelarra Station in October 2017.


This project trained teams of skilled observers that have the capacity and capability to conduct structured bird monitoring in the Gunduwa region. Twenty nine individuals built upon their bird identification knowledge at workshops held at 3 conservation stations. The workshops enabled these participants to confidently identify the common birds of the Gunduwa region and to develop robust strategies to identify less common species. These practical sessions allowed the collection of some structured bird survey data in these locations, many of which have had minimal bird monitoring to date. This is available on the Birdlife’s Birdata portal (

Some of the trainees who participated were keen to be involved with future monitoring in the region and may be able to assist in bird monitoring in the ongoing Gunduwa Refugia Project and for Bush Heritage Australia environmental outcomes monitoring.

Project Details

  • OrganisationConservation Council WA Citizen Science Program & Birdlife WA
  • Year2017
  • Funding$17,120