Blues for the Bush – Youth Engagement Activities

Project Description

Aim: To encourage local youth from the Shires of Morawa, Perenjori, Yalgoo and Dalwallinu to more actively engage and benefit from the Blues for the Bush and Charles Darwin Community Open Day, to learn and celebrate our regions natural areas.


To engage the youth with a variety of art based professionals, production specialists, ancillary event services and youth service providers who were available to mentor the youth in various activities before and during the event.

The services of the Bush Heritage ecologists and the reserve managers during the ecology tours provided a wealth of knowledge and professional experience that would not normally be available in the region all at the one time.


Prior to the event, the students from Morawa, Carnamah and Perenjori attended workshops which included hiphop song writing and recording, film, dance and circus workshops, thanks to the community bus bringing students to Perenjori to join in. A community BBQ took place for all participants and parents for a big rehearsal at the Perenjori Town Hall. A total of 120 students participated at these sessions.

At the Charles Darwin Community Open Day sessions including the film and circus workshops, and the song recording workshop enabled young visitors the opportunity to gain new skills. The numbers attending the Charles Darwin Community Open Day were lower than the events leading up to the Day. Yalgoo was keen to participate, unfortunately the bus driver took the students to the wrong venue instead of the Perenjori Town Hall for the workshop prior to the day and subsequently none attended the Blues for the Bush Event. The Dalwallinu students were also invited to attend the event.

Project Details

  • OrganisationShire of Perenjori
  • Year2016
  • FundingFunds left over from Young Leaders Project 2014